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Full-stack web apps at a fraction of the cost. Whether it's a new start-up idea, an internal product revamp, or an upgrade to existing software, Code Builders is a cost effective, collaborative and quality development partner based in Seattle.

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Our Philosophy

We know it’s hard to find software developers. And it’s especially difficult to find skilled junior developers that don’t require heavy on-boarding, on-going training and day-to-day management. This is one of the reasons we started Code Builders, to offer companies a smart way to hire high-quality software developers at a fraction of the cost you’d typically pay. We also offer flexible terms via contract work.

All of our junior developers are managed by our senior developers so you don’t have to spend extra resources on project oversight. This model is a win-win: You get quality, cost-effective development work and our junior developers the reallife experience they need to become highly-skilled and successful developers.

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Full stack web development
for all devices
using agile workflows.

Meet Our Developers

All of our developers are trained in the latest technologies, common agile workflows and communication strategies. We’re well-versed in ruby, rails, javascript, html, css and more.

Our junior developers have completed the first six months of classroom instruction, where they learn the technologies needed to successfully program, deploy, and maintain web applications. All of our junior developers are accompanied by senior developers on all projects.

Our senior developers have a combined 10 years of experience.

Bookis Worthy CTO & Co-Founder

I started writing code 10 years ago. Since then, I have used that skill to work thousands of contract hours, work at a couple of awesome companies, start a couple of businesses, as well as become a core member and lead instructor of Ada Developers Academy.

I started learning programming in my spare time back in 2006, I had no prior education, programming was my entrance to the higher-than-minimum-wage world. Within a few years I was working contract gigs. I used my newly learned skills with my entrepreneurial spirit to start Luna Sandals with two others, through our technological approach we grew the company to now sell tens of thousands pairs in nearly every country in the world.

Dream Job:
N/A - Currently living the dream
Favorite Cartoon Character:
Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove
Amateur astronomy, being friends with a 2 year old, and eating.

Tammy Pop Web Developer

After graduating with an Economics/Accounting degree, I pursued a career in accounting. Over a period of four years I found myself working on challenging problems in several industries: medicine, construction, and real estate investment.

Some people close to me would say that dancing was my second career. I have been growing my character through dance since I was six years old. I used to teach, perform in shows, and compete. Dancing continues to be part of my life, as Seattle has a vibrant dance community.

My past experience has boosted my web development skills, giving me a unique perspective on the industry.

Dream Job:
working somewhere surrounded by smart and compassionate people
Favorite Cartoon Character:
Po from Kung Fu Panda
Yoga, painting, growing plants.

LeShoya Starkey Web Developer

I was a Business Development Representative for Silverpop, an IBM Company. I have been involved in Tech sales and research roles for over 7 years and wanted to get in the trenches and create great web experiences. My topics of interest include micro-personalization, UI Development, and the ways development and design can affect revenue and customer engagement. I am originally from Moultrie, Georgia and have been a resident of Atlanta and Washington D.C. I am excited to call Seattle my new home and can’t wait to see what the city has to offer!

Dream Job:
I have worked for a variety of companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies so I am flexible in this regard and I understand the requirements for both types of companies. However, I would love to work for a company involved with B2C ecommerce.
Favorite Cartoon Character:
Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers
Cooking, Eating and Drinking at “unique” locales, Discovering New Music, Swimming, Reading, Travel

Chris Hintz Web Developer

Graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA with an Accounting and Finance degree. Worked 5 years in Denver and San Jose with PricewaterhouseCoopers as a public accountant and then as a mergers and acquisitions consultant to technology companies in Silicon Valley. Over my 5 years with PwC I got the opportunity working with companies in the energy, mining, real estate, logistics and technology industries.

After seeing the exciting problems and challenges being taken on by the technology industry from the finance and accounting side, I knew I had to be on this side of the business helping create the future instead of auditing the past.

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA before living in Atlanta, Boston, Denver and San Jose before returning home in 2014.

Dream Job:
Many. One would be providing low and middle income families with honest, quality, and affordable financial planning advice using technology
Favorite Cartoon Character:
Cheering on the Mariners, Seahawks and Huskies, geeking out on sabermetrics, and bikinghiking/backpacking around the northwest with my girlfriend and dog.

Daniel Adler Web Developer

I’m originally from California, but have lived in the Pacific Northwest for ten years.

In college I lived in Taiwan and Mainland China. Some people say learning programming is like learning another language – so did my past study of Mandarin help me prepare for Code Builders? Honestly, I feel like each subject stretches my brain in very different ways. But they do share in common the necessity of working extremely hard, practicing relentlessly, and being OK with messing up.

Before joining Code Builders I worked in education, from a variety of perspectives and roles: middle school world history teacher, educational nonprofit executive support, and school district budget analyst. In all of these experiences I saw how organizations striving to serve the public can be held back by inefficient and outdated technologies. I’m excited to be a programmer because I feel like I finally have the skills to craft the tools I always wanted. Also, it’s super fun!

Dream Job:
My dream is to design technology that simplifies and optimizes everyday processes in normal folks’ lives. Planning meals and cooking healthy food, responsible family budgeting, preparing for emergencies, organizing family events…I want to make it so that when we organize our lives, we are starting from something better than a blank spreadsheet.
Favorite Cartoon Character:
Cooking, cycling, cats, nerding out on the NBA. Next hobby goal: learn how to make pottery!

Evelyn Bell Web Developer

I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Law, Societies, and Justice. I continued my learning with a Certificate in Paralegal Studies and subsequently became a family law paralegal.

Outside of the office, I enjoy being active, whether it’s through sports, hiking, or trying something new. Everyday is an adventure. This translates into the software development realm as each day poses a new challenge and requires unique ways of thinking. I am excited to continue down this career path and thrive in this dynamic and developing field.

Bucket List:
visit all 7 continents, see the aurora borealis, climb Mt. Rainier
Favorite Cartoon Character:
Spongebob Squarepants
swimming, hiking, scuba diving

Karen Hambro Web Developer

Originally from Vermont, transplanting to Portland, OR at age 18, then transplanting even farther to Barcelona, Spain for 4 years, I eventually landed in Seattle 8 years ago and am ever so happy I did.

I earned my master's degree in public policy while living in Barcelona, and have worked in healthcare and non-profit management for many years, most recently as the Sponsorship & Engagement Manager at Ada Developers Academy. I was drawn to Ada through my own interest in programming, and having helped over 40 Ada graduates transition into software careers, I decided it was time to start my own adventures in software development!

When not in class, I run my own pet care business Yappy Trails. There are so many great tools out there that help me run my small business, and I look forward to building more tools that will help people (and pets!) live more fulfilling, productive lives.

Dream Job:
That's a tough one to narrow down... I like too many things! Access to healthcare and increasing health outcomes have always been passions of mine. Also, dogs. I love dogs. Rover is a great Seattle based app connecting pet owners with pet sitters- I would love to work on the tool they've created.
Favorite Cartoon Character:
Pepé Le Pew and Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.
Dogs, long walks, delicious food, and karaoke.

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