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Have you started your software journey but are ready for a deeper education? Code Builders is an intermediate online program focused on revisiting web development fundamentals in depth. We exist to help you cross the chasm from beginner to senior developer.

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Who is Code Builders for?

Software Development Interns and Junior Developers

Feel like you’ve been thrown into the deep end without a lifeline? Join our online classroom to gain the confidence to get to the next step of your career.

Code School Graduates

Congratulations on making it through an intense program! While you’re job hunting, keep your skills fresh and deepen your knowledge.

Aspiring Programmers

Code Builders is a moderately-paced program that you can do from home. No intensive schedules or long-term commitments; try programming without a huge financial commitment.

Deep Learning, Part Time Schedule

Our content and schedule is designed to help you absorb and retain core concepts.


Code Builders fits with your schedule, whether you are working or not. Live courses are taught online, and you can either participate in the live class session or view the recorded course after the fact.


Live classes are every day from 3pm PT to 5pm PT. Attending live is not required, though is encouraged if your schedule allows. In addition to each 2-hour class session, you’ll receive 1-2 hours of homework daily.

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Each 4-week immersive course is $299 or only $99 with a scholarship for those under-represented in the tech industry. Right now, anyone can register during our beta launch for only $99.

Spring 2020 Courses

June 10th, 2020 - July 8th, 2020

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Introduction to Javascript

Starts: June 10th, 2020

In Introduction to Javascript, you will dive deep into many of the core Javascript concepts including strings, numbers, arrays, objects, and functions. Manipulating and transforming data using arrays and objects happens in every javascript application. This course will focus on mastery and understanding of array methods, creating and combining objects, object destructuring, and understanding all the parts and variations of functions.

This course will have live optional online instruction for two hours every day, and the sessions will be recorded and available to view later. Additionally, each lesson has an optional hour of live instruction where we deep dive and take questions into the core of the content, intended to slow down and understand the basic concepts. Students will have about an hour of daily homework to practice what we are learning and explore use cases of the concepts.

  • Cost: $99 for 4 weeks
  • Suggested Previous Experience: 3 months - 4 years in any language
  • Schedule: June 10th - July 8th
  • Time: Lecture every weekday from 3pm PT to 5pm PT
  • Daily Commitment 3-4 hours every week day, 2 hours of lecture, 1 hour of assigned practice, 1 hour optional lecture
Register Now for $99

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